I am a single mother, who believes one person can make a difference in shaping the world with the ideas we believe in. I have learned you can’t wait for someone else to “do something” it must start with YOU, with ME. No matter how small, we all have something to contribute.

I have been wrangled into the Family Court system nightmare in Knoxville, TN. I am appalled at the lies and incompetence this agency has been allowed to operate under. I will now fight for reform and accountability in this corrupt system.

Too many families are damaged by incompetent social workers, greedy guardian ad litem’s and lazy Judges, Referee’s. Foster children are killed every day in the US. Because a CPS worker says it’s “in their best interest” to be taken from their home. There needs to be a complete over haul of Children’s Services and the Courts that hear these cases. Our children are the most important thing in the world. Their care and well being should be at the top of everyone’s “to do list”.
All elected officials, at every level, in every State must educate themselves on the problems families face once in “the system”. The financial hardships, unnecessary outdated “classes”, real determent kids must deal with in the aftermath. We must make uniform laws across States, share information and the exchange of ideas. The veil of “secrecy” must be ripped away. It is not for families anonymity, it keeps those who fail these kids protected.
We must make sweeping changes, start to focus on ways to support and strengthen families, removal should be last option not first. Parents must be involved at every level. When I hear about big lawsuits or new “committees” to study family issues, it seems every one forgets to include the family. There should be a we are ALL working together, not an Us vs Them attitude. When there is “real” abuse, trials should be fair and swift. Long terms served for convictions for crimes against kids. It is our job to make sure these issues are addressed and kept on the forefront EVERY DAY.
I do believe like any other job, there are good social workers, and guardian ad litem’s. I just haven’t ran into any of them yet. But for those who do care, you must speak up and call for change. Tell your Legislatures, media and officials what you need to do your job. I would gladly love to work with any one who has ideas, time, money, or just the common goal of creating a system to protect those who really need protection BUT assist and protect the rights of those who don’t. Too many false accusations and unfounded claims are allowed in Social Service reports and Juvenile Court records.

My daughter is now 6 years old and she has been given to her father, an abusive ex. No one has provided for her safety or care. They made their decisions based on lies, opinions and laziness. No FACTS, NO LAWS. I will not end up one of those parents on TV who lost their child due to some one elses greed and incompetence.

Bella, Your Mother is fighting for you and will never give up.