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I am a single mother, who believes one person can make a difference in shaping the world with the ideas we believe in. I have learned you can’t wait for someone else to “do something” it must start with YOU, with ME. No matter how small, we all have something to contribute.

I have been wrangled into the Family Court system nightmare in Knoxville, TN. I am appalled at the lies and incompetence this agency has been allowed to operate under. I will now fight for reform and accountability in this corrupt system.

Too many families are damaged by incompetent social workers, greedy guardian ad litem’s and lazy Judges, Referee’s. Foster children are killed every day in the US. Because a CPS worker says it’s “in their best interest” to be taken from their home. There needs to be a complete over haul of Children’s Services and the Courts that hear these cases. Our children are the most important thing in the world. Their care and well being should be at the top of everyone’s “to do list”.
All elected officials, at every level, in every State must educate themselves on the problems families face once in “the system”. The financial hardships, unnecessary outdated “classes”, real determent kids must deal with in the aftermath. We must make uniform laws across States, share information and the exchange of ideas. The veil of “secrecy” must be ripped away. It is not for families anonymity, it keeps those who fail these kids protected.
We must make sweeping changes, start to focus on ways to support and strengthen families, removal should be last option not first. Parents must be involved at every level. When I hear about big lawsuits or new “committees” to study family issues, it seems every one forgets to include the family. There should be a we are ALL working together, not an Us vs Them attitude. When there is “real” abuse, trials should be fair and swift. Long terms served for convictions for crimes against kids. It is our job to make sure these issues are addressed and kept on the forefront EVERY DAY.
I do believe like any other job, there are good social workers, and guardian ad litem’s. I just haven’t ran into any of them yet. But for those who do care, you must speak up and call for change. Tell your Legislatures, media and officials what you need to do your job. I would gladly love to work with any one who has ideas, time, money, or just the common goal of creating a system to protect those who really need protection BUT assist and protect the rights of those who don’t. Too many false accusations and unfounded claims are allowed in Social Service reports and Juvenile Court records.

My daughter is now 6 years old and she has been given to her father, an abusive ex. No one has provided for her safety or care. They made their decisions based on lies, opinions and laziness. No FACTS, NO LAWS. I will not end up one of those parents on TV who lost their child due to some one elses greed and incompetence.

Bella, Your Mother is fighting for you and will never give up.

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  1. mom says:

    You keep on fighting!
    I saw you had linked the story of my daughter (16 year old whose dad did jail time for ‘spanking’)
    This wasn’t a spanking, he beat her.
    I hope you get your daughter back.


  2. Please keep fighting for Bella. I too had my children removed from my custody in Shelby County (Memphis). I fled my marriage after physical and mental abuse. I have been fighting for Kohl and Molly for a year and half. i actually will testify to legislature again about my case. Corruption runs the Tennessee System. Justice will prevail soon. Please email me if you have any questions.


  3. Justice will prevail in the Tennessee Court System.
    We will be holding a meeting here in Nashville soon. I think you will be interested in coming. We have started a non-profit organization to Reform the Tennessee Justice System. We also will be trying to meet with Governor Bredesen and his wife. We have started a movement, men and woman from different counties in Tennessee are forming together to make a difference. Accountability is the question? Who will be held accountable. We have shifted our focus to that and we will be attending conferences. Setting up meetings with everyone from city level to a national level. You can contact me if you are interested. Best Wishes and keep your head up. “The storm has just begun but it will pass”-MCH


  4. Alison Laytham says:

    I am in Northern California; Solano County. I have now encountered 3 women including myself, in town who were dedicated moms, one is a police and community services officer; who has had the same mediator as I and had their visitation time set at 20% or less to none. No reason for it. He got let go from the court system last summer but his decision lives on and perpetuated some nasty parental alienation syndrome for all of us. how can i find out from the court; his track record and reason for being let go. my tax money paid for this mediator; it seems i should have access to his information. How can I take action here? how come i cannot find out about how to take action against faulty court mediation on the internet? the searches result in the opposite: actions against the citizen on behalf of the court. spoooky. what kind of attorney could take action against court system failures like biased and “against women” mediators. we all three had the same experiences; i have kept their numbers. A movie needs to come out on this phenomenon, research needs to be done. it is horrible.


  5. Chrystan says:

    My name is chrystan. I am wanting to adopt my cousin whose been in states custody since 2003. They kept telling me that they wanting to keep him with his siblings, and now i find out they are seperated anyways. I beg and plead for the department of childrens services to let me adopt him because i can offer him a good loving home.
    I pray that you do get your daughter back!
    God Bless!


  6. Sara says:

    Does your daughter have an atoorney at litem, a CASA or a GAL? Depending on the state law, she should have one or more of these. These people will represent your daughter’s best interest zas opposed to the “system”.

    Hope this helps. Sara, CASA volunteer in GA>


  7. mama of angels says:

    I have seen you all over the web and had some questions to ask about some the dealings in the knox county court system. My husband and I are going through a dcs nightmare right now over false accusations and we are interested in any knowledge of dcs “policies and procedures” that they do not post on their perfect websites. We need tangible proof. As you may have felt yourself, I do not feel comfortable at this time leaving personal info here. We are still at the beginning and our children are still at home. I don’t want anything to change that. Thank you, mama of God’s angels.


  8. Ann says:

    We have a real big problem in East TN, with a Chancellor over family court, District 1, Johnson County TN. This man, Richard Johnson, is very biased against parents that live in another state, It is common knowledge amoung the attorneys in the area. He ignores evidence and will award custody of a child because he ” just hates to give a child up out of his jurisdiction”, yes he said it while in court! He ruled infavor of a local man, who has a drug record, no job, 33 years old and doesnt own one single thing.This mans mother admitted while under oath that he “has problems keeping a job, problems with drugs, and was fired from his last job for drug use”. This man has had 7 jobs in less than a year! The Judge ruled against the mother, who has NO record, has had the same job for 2 years, BUT she lives out of state! Imagine that! Thats the justice system in Mountain City TN for ya!


  9. Linda says:

    You are not alone in this. My husband and I lost our children due to lies also and not one stated fact. Unless you count the CPS letter that said all abuse charges against me were unfounded. While waiting outside with the other witnesses, they were sharing testimony with each other and telling each other what to say (the exes sided) and even told the kids what to say and what they were going to get them for saying my husband and I were mean to them. The judge put in our papers that kids do not lie. Ummm yeah I know better and have seen it often with teenagers to get what they want which in this case was the freedom to run wild and have no chores. The judge never had me testify nor met me but yet the papers paint a monster out and say that I am depressed and miserable. The main reason they took the kids was because the judge said I had unresolved grief. Part of that statement was true because I lost my son 3 years ago. 2 months after he died I was barraged by CPS, counselors, and litigation starting about how I was a monster and awful. CPS unfounded the case but it took 3 1/2 years to get it to court. During all this the kids lived here and were doing great. With no guardian ad litem or anything the judge determined that it was not a good place for them and immediately removed custody. The other side perjured themselves on a few accounts in the hearing and he let it go. And yes, I am talking about the great Chancellor Johnson here. How can a judge not hear both sides and make a fair ruling is beyond me. Everyone we know is shocked and appalled about this decision but we are now broke from 3 1/2 years of fighting and delays to have the end result come out unfair and unfounded. I run a childcare and work for teachers who have been here for 7 plus years and have done this for 14 years now. I served on the Governors Board here for two terms, worked with our state senator, and have won many awards in the childcare field as well volunteering for CASA. None of this was heard because he didn’t want to hear it and refused to allow me to testify at the last minute. He refused to look at our photos that we brought in that would have showed him children having fun and who were happy. So, now I sit with a set of papers that paint me out to be a monster and of all things we got the worst visitation ever and the ex won’t even bring them. We have not seen them since before Thanksgiving and no one seems to care as long as the child support gets paid. I am upset, hurt, and very disallussioned with our legal system and would love to know where to fight for changes in the law and fairness.


  10. Ann says:

    The Johnson County saga continues. When I first wrote on here in November things were very upsetting. Since then they have become a nightmare! The ex,that was awarded custody by Chancellor Johnson, now is being investigated for “dating” underage girls and providing them with illegal drugs. There are PICTURES that prove the allegations, some in a sexual nature with a 15 YEAR OLD GIRL!! My ex is a 34 year old man. STILL the court system will not hear any evidence, and rule on any new decisions. Richard Johnson is going to continue to ignore facts and evidence and continue to put my child in danger. **Note** My ex has a drug record, no job, and dating a 15 year old girl, BUT “he is a fit parent”…?????????
    I have no record, work,pay taxes, but simply live out of state and Richard Johnson does not want to give up jurisdiction over a TN child! Whats wrong with this picture???


  11. to tnmom06. I am tring to reach you but having a hard time. please contact me at sweethearttn321@yahoo.com or 8652372171. I too, was tring to start a group. My daughter was taken from me as well by a corrupt juvie system in Knox co. tn. I did get her back , but, went broke doind so. I, believe it or not, am still fighting this system.I was ordered to pay a court appointed GAL for her services. There was not a contract signed and she slandered me and tried her best to get my daughter to her mother after she was proven to not be a good parent as I was. I am paying this GAL for rail roading me. I am looking for an atty. that will help with this but it seems no one wants to take on a corrupt GAL much less the Juvie court system.If you would like me to help you and vise versa please please contact me.


  12. Chris says:

    My ex-wife of 4 years now has made bogus claims of child abuse on me. I have full custody of the kids with her only having supervised visits. Three days after she made these claims and filed a report she went back and asked to have the petition for custody dropped. She’s mentally unstable. The case worker said since the allegations were quite serious he still has to appoint a Guardian ad Litem. The case worker told me that he told the Guardian about my wife wanting to dismiss charges and the Guardian will take note of that. Will I be stuck with the bill from the Guardian ad Litem? I did nothing wrong, I know that for a fact and I’m not worried about the investigation…just a pissed off ex-wife who made up lies. But it would be a shame I’m stuck with this bill…if there is one. And a bigger shame is that my kids will have to talk to someone about bogus claims their mother made up.


  13. Mike says:

    It is absolutely horrible here in the state of Tennessee ang Governor Bredesen will not do a thing about it. I recently learned of a situation (I am in my own legal mess) where a man has obviously been set up by his exwife, there has been blatant brainwashing going on, and the man’s exwife’s new spouse has a long family history of child abuse and sexual molestation, yet he won’t even be considered. Ridiculous!


  14. wes says:

    he had no right hold a choke hold for that long causing the death
    i am a abused child my self and i feel that the verdict was unfair and undesserved


  15. marie myers says:

    We have been lift dangling but the Blount County,Tn. family courts sence 2003.We are the grandparents.My g-daughters have been thrown in the garbage by their parents ,the judges,lawyers and DCS here in Blount County,Tn.These GAL are a big joke and the lawyers and judges stalled our case because they knew that my daughter and my ex-son-in-law were not fit parents.Heck they told the judge they didn’t even want my two g-daughters but they didn’t want them to live here with my husband And I where they were raised all their lives.My g-daughters had to run away from the abuse and molestation in 2007.They showed up here at my door on their bikes two days apart.I am being accused of going and pick up the 9 yr. old when I was here in bed asleep with the 12 yr. old that ran away 2 days before.My g-daughter stopped at two gas ststions on her way to my house.My husband let her in at 8:00 in the morning and came woke me up.My neigbors all saw the child get here on that bike but yet they beleave the step-father that was home alone with her and lied to the police about where she was when they showed up at his house.He molested in the late 1990’s and my g-daughter told the police he did something to her.He was never arrested and DCS was wanting to send them both back in that house.My husband and I fought it.The father had was living with his 20 yr. old girlfrind that was pregnant for him and his thrid wife was also pregnant.The thrid wife had ageravated abuse charges on him and fasles emprisonment charges.He didn’t pay his child-support for 3 yrs. after the devorce and we were supporting the girls and still are to this day.Long story short.DCS gave him the girls and he abused them till he got tired and sent them to be abused and neglected by his parents in Clarksville,Tn.Karen & Charlie Clinard.Yes the same Karen & Charlie Clinard thats 14 yr. old son shot and killed his bus driver.Jason Clinard.DCS trunned my g-daughters over to them and Karen Clinard told my g-daughters that (someone needs to get rid of Marie-me).They knew what she menet cause they have loaded guns all over the house.We have a motion for vistation and we had to file a motion for nonvisitation because the father moved the girls over 200 miles away and the other g-parents moved them over the border into Ky.The fathers lawyer is an old crook that kept canceling our court dates and kept us out of the DCS court hearings.We had tempoary custody before my daughter got tempoary custody back.We were told that the father only has tempoary custody but no one will tell us anything.What we find out we stumble onto.It’s something that DCS and the others were trying to keep from us.I.m sure that DCS has slandered me to that juvinile judge because the girls old GAL is magistrat up there and she slandered me.She didn’t even know me.It’s all crooked.All paid and lies,slander, you name it.They did it to my husband And I.


  16. angela jones says:

    I am writing to respond to the department of Children’s Services article that you have written. My family is going through a really rough time with them right now and I have been trying to get someone to listen for a long time. Now the consequences of their actions has placed a 2 year old baby in a traumatic situation. He may never be the same as he once was. Im gonna touch the high points, but i promise you theres much more.

    It started about 3 years ago. My three nieces were placed with my mom due to allegations against my brother. After about 7 months one of the nieces got smart with the judge and refused a drug test so he took her and placed her if custody of the state of Tennessee. At first the case worker allowed her home visits. We were not the ones allegdged to have done something but a foster care supervisor on a high horse, came to a meeting and said that until everyone is checked out we couldn’t have visitation. When they took the visits she turned on them and caused all kinds of trouble including getting arrested. I continued to go to meetings and fight with them but it didn’t do any good. I even had a doctor to release her to me (they have had her hospitalized for over two years) and they agreed to let her come home too on a Wednesday. They called me on Thursday and told me they changed their minds and i couldn’t go pick her up. They let her sit at behavioral center in Mississippi for 45 days before finding another hospital closer to home. After that she continued to down spiral and has been on up to 7 meds at one time. When at home she never needed anything!!!
    In the meantime, her sister who was 14 found out that she was pregnant before she moved to my moms. I took her to all her appointments and bought for her. The state never helped out. When she had the baby, she came to my house. We tried to teach her how to care for him but she didn’t want anything to do with him. She tossed him down on the couch and walked off. If my aunt hadn’t been there he would have hit the floor. When he was only 6 days old, she left my house told me to take him or give him to someone and left without ever looking back. I would call her and try to get her to come hold him or watch him for me and she threw a fit. She even kicked a hole in my moms wall saying that’s why she left him. So she didn’t have to take care of him. In February of 2008 she overdosed and has been in and out of facilities since then. All this time that everything’s going on dcs knew that i had the baby. they even commented that i needed custody of him. There was not a father to speak of she said she didn’t know who he was. Now, In August of 2008she testified against my brother and dcs took her into custody because they claimed since we didn’t believe their allegations that we were mentally abusing her. They took us to court and the judge ruled that we werent abusing her and agreed to let her sister come home that day. Her on the other hand told the judge she was enjoying the “break” in a new town. Noone knew her history and she was making friends. So he allowed her to stay in custody. DCS still put our names on the child abuse registry and it took us over 6 months to get off. But they still use it against us in court.
    The baby lived here for 18 1/2 months. We were the only family the child knew. He had three small brothers and sisters, mom, dad and tons of family that loved him and cared for him. The mother got a new GAL and that lady has caused so many problems. In April of 2009 she took me to court saying that i was in contempt for not bringing the baby to visits with the mother. IT was never ordered so she had to drop the motion before court even began!!! It still cost me legal fees to get an attorney that she should have to pay back. Since she didn’t win at that she took me to another court in May and the judge allowed the mother to give her guardianship to the state. Now, he didn’t know her and she never wanted him before. In fact at the time, she was in a mental hospital in Memphis. They made me take the baby to dcs and leave him there. They promised a visit. We couldn’t call him, or see him. We got one visit for 2 hours when he was there for 10 days. He already acted different. We haven’t been allowed to see him or get any information on him since then!!! She got released form the facility to the same foster home as him. But it didn’t work. She retaliated and got arrested and is back in the facility. They have had court dates without telling us and do not include us in any of his meetings. We finally got into court with them in December. They lied to the judge saying we had a no contact order out on us and that is not true. We miss him dearly and want him home.
    IF you dont read anything else read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We found out that he had been placed in the hospital last month. Then we found out that he was in ICU on life support and a feeding tube. He spent 16 days in the hospital and all my attorney could get from his gal was “he is improving”. That all. Well, he didn’t!!! He now is having physical therapy and occupational therapy. He was seen yesterday with them at a restaurant and he couldn’t walk, talk, feed himself, he’s skin and bones, he has a blank stare and no emotions what so ever. They still wont tell us ANYTHING!!! We are worried sick and want our baby home. He needs to be where he was always wanted and loved. DCS didn’t even contact any of the other family to see if anyone wanted the girls or him but me and there was plenty of family willing. They put them in foster care for the money and used him to get her a home. No one
    would take her without getting him too. Please, if you want more information, i will tell everything I know. I want help getting this out into the publics eyes so that maybe someone will listen. The judge, workers and lawyers are all in this together. Its not just the dcs needing the investigation. The whole juvenile court system does!!! By the way, since the allegations that we dont believe them was the reason they took the baby, citing i wouldn’t keep him safe, I found evidence against my brother and turned it in to the sheriffs department. With that, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison and i dont have anything to do with him. Without my evidence, they were bargaining with him for 3 years. THey cant say i dont believe or wont protect now!!! But still, why didn’t they get another family member to take them? THey didn’t even try


  17. AnnaMarie says:

    I am in the same boat. Almost the same story different faces. However, I have been fighting for my four year old son for almost a year. The courts refused to allow me to prove my case in Philadelphia Co. I was served with custody papers when my sons father was in jail by his mother after I signed a letter stating I asked her to help me with my children until I found smaller housing. I did so and still lost my four year old son. Her attorney lied said I abandoned my children. How?? I signed my son out of the hospital three days before she filed custody and still have my eight year old daughter. On the other hand the story goes on and on and the justice system in Philadelphia Family court is corrupt as others. This has ripped my family apart. We are not alone. I am taking this a step further to the next level and filing a Federal Law suit against the Attorney and my ex’s mother for perjury witch I can prove in many ways. I found out that are Family Court system uses are kids like a business. DHS, CPS, they all play their part. Think about it and connect the dots in your county. We need to fight this together for our children. Its sad, but we need to protect our children from the justice system.


  18. You all need to go to the (abusefreedom.com)website and fill out the from and send it in.It’s a websiteon abuse by cps,dcs,ordhs and the family courts,judges,lawyers.GALS whomever is involved.I did and my g-daughters may be living in hell because of all these people but I well go to my grave fighting and exposing their crooked low life ways.The judge on our case here in Blount County has been sent to dry up for alcoholism more than once and I’m told he does cocane before getting on the bench.I know a few of the lawyers we’ve hired is on something because they shake way to mush.Everyone in this county talks about how corrupt the justice system is.Exspecially family court.


  19. charles carr says:

    The lady with the problem about judge johnson please give me ur case no i have judge johnson turned into the fbi for helping another man to comitt fraud upon another across state lines i will b glad to tell the fbi office of this issue but i need a case number to ur matter this needs to be impeached


  20. A person doesnt need to give their case number or any info for that matter( except name). They are the damn FBI they obtain info for a living.

    You may have turned someone in, but the FBI doesn’t handle this situation. For what they do check here and anyone can call them.



  21. Nichole Weyman says:

    I am a mother of three. My children were also taken from me due to false information. I went inside to use the restroom and told my 7 year old to watch my two year old. I came back out and they were gone. I called for my daughter she answered from inside. I asked where her brother was, she said she didnt know. She said she just came in to pee too. I looked for him for about ten – 15 min. I have a large property. I went to the top of my driveway called 911 and heard him screaming in a woman’s car just across the street. I went over to the car and got my son. She stated she called the police.
    I said good I am on the phone with 911 now. Why were you trying to take my son? The time between her 911 call and mine was 16 min. DCS knoxville tn then had to come and investigate neglect. I said what neglect she tried to take my child. Me and my fiance were then asked to take a drug test. I was on prescription meds. I was then called a drug addict and a bad parent. The test given to my fiance showed a false positive for meth. He volunteered for a hair follicle. Both his and mine came back negative. Though DCS didn’t wait on the results. They just took my children anyway. I am now fighting for them. DCS in my opinion has way too much authority and can basically do as they please with you and your children. This is wrong. We live in america. Innocent till proven guilty right? Wrong. You must prove to them that you are fit, rather than them having to prove you are not. This is getting out of hand. We all need to get together and do something to stop these people from hurting our children and taking them away from good, loving and more than capable parents!!!!! I have contacted the mayor, my State Representative as well as the head of the DCS in Nashville. We all need to tell them our stories so that maybe we can be heard on a higher level. Thanks for reading. If you have questions or comments about this you can contact me at NLW1119@aol.com


  22. I too am in a similar situation- except I had good evidence in my case- photographs, witnesses, expert testimony recommending father be supervised. The father was abusive to child and mysellf. He did not refute any of it. I had never violated a single visitation agreement- NOT ONCE. I have alsways been the primary caregiver… alone (single mom). I am a home owner of 20 years, no criminal record, my 4 yr old has always been well provided for. Nevertheless, the judge gave him custody and ordered week on/week off visitation. My case is on appeal right now… awaiting date of oral arguement. In the mean time, my little boy went from never having spent a single night away from his mother to not seeing me for an entire week… no period of adapting or anything… from supervised visitation to custodial parent in 3 short months!
    Judges need to be held accountable for the harm caused to these children!


  23. Angie says:

    Looks like this site hasnt had any visits in a long time. I found it by typing in “Biased TN judges”. Is no one still concerned about these problems?? What does one do when told By the Judge to “not speak of any of his rulings after court to anyone or risk going to jail”!! When the case was VERY BIASED against an out of state parent. Yes you can file a complaint with the judiciary committee, Then what??He is really pissed off, and really makes some wild judgem,ents,,and still there is absolutely NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!! Espcially in a very small town out in the woods that no one in Big Government cares about anyway. Yes we live in America..IF you live in a big city where judges dont make up their own laws and rules, You are in a 3rd world country inf you live in upper East TN.


  24. Anonymous says:

    Connie Reguli is a liar and will do whatever she has to do to win. This is a heartless devious woman. I have no idea how she keeps her license to continue to practice law.


  25. Tracy says:

    I think tennesse laws about children stinks to . Because I am tring to get my three girls back from my biological sister that lied and said I abandon my girls .That a lie because I had a nervouse break down and I thought I was giving her temporary custody of my oldest daughters until I got better now I am better I am tring to get them back She drop me of up here in ohio at our Aunt house when our biogical dad pass away . She file to adopted my youngest girl and I didn,t sign any papers for that and I didn’t recieve any papers for that hearing it was in Feb. Didn’t found out until I wrote to Campbell co court they sent me the papers in May . so I am tring to get my girls back from my belogical sister I call her attorney in aug. He ask me for my side of the story and he call last night and was very rude on the phone. he said he will get back to me someday and he cannot get hold of his clents and the papers is in the basement. I don,t know where to go from here. best of luck to everyone.


  26. Kathy says:

    I had an issue before judge johnson that resulted in him glaring at me like a 7 year old deprived of a lolly pop. It was obvious after the first few minutes that he had spoken to the other party in the proceeding before the hearing. There was no other way for him to have known of the circumstances of the event other than having an out of the court room meeting (is that legal?). He had made up his mind before coming into the court room. It appeared that he was coached by my appointment’s attorney and refused to listen to anything I had to say. He actually yelled over my protests and refused to listen. I hear that he is out on a 6 months leave. Perhaps his bad behavior (or karma) has caught up with him. I know he was sued at least once before for refusing to hear both sides of a complaint (by US District court I believe). I think it is time for the attorneys who work under this guy make a stand to see him removed. Citizens do not have the clot to see it happen.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know how difficult it is to get a copy of your DCS case file.  DCS took my daughter and placed her with my abusive evil mother and now my mother has run my wife off.  At first it seemed like my mother had changed and really wanted to help and since then she has been a real b**** and she now has my daughter calling her mommy since she ran my wife off. Anyway my dad and her are still married and he knows she abused me as a child and she has him convinced she has changed and wants what is best for me.  Well to shorten the story I have been gathering evidence to present to him about her lies and agenda because he wont listen and I have been told she called DCS and started all this.  That she used them to get custody of my daughter.  I was wondering if there is a way for me to find out for certain and prove it to my dad.  Currently I am playing nice with them because I get to see my daughter quite a bit right now


  28. Kenda says:

    For all you citizens that are victims of Child Protective Services abuses, there is going to be hope. I am a Sociology major with minors in Criminology and Psychology at a top university in OK. When I obtain my Masters I will be a Public Policy Analyst on Human Rights dealing with such issues as corruption and abuses of power by social institutions such as CPS. I will do everything in my power to put this agency in check.


  29. david says:

    Please contact me. I am fighting for.my girls after there biological father didnot respond to our intent to relocate letter. And there lawyer signed the summons swearing i received it on oct 29th and it was not served until nov20th i have the certified envelope with the post mark. The court date was set for dec 4th bc of this lie and the judge ordered my childrens custody handed over when my lawyer teied to tell the judge we were intentionaly illegally served. Email me please


  30. Gursheel Dhillon says:

    I would encourage you to join in Tennessee Citizens for Judicial Advancement on Meetup. I will be scheduling a meeting soon and it does not cost you anything.

    Your story is not unique and it is obvious we need to change the way things are done, the attorney’s who act in bad faith. We cannot fight them individually and/or have a meeting every four years.

    The perception things need to change and we need to capitalize on that. I am so sorry as I understand my child has been abused and neglected yet the court gives my ex-increasing child custody in order to punish me.

    Thanks Gursheel Dhillon


  31. GF says:

    I would like others to know that it seems a movement is about to, and needs to sweep TN for reform of the CPS system. Please email me at record4children@gmail.com and give me your contact information. I will be starting a website soon – details will be sent to anyone that inquires by email. We can no longer idly sit by as corrupt caseworkers abuse our children, our families. I speak as a victim and as an advocate for children and human rights. Please, we need everyone who has a story and most important we need the BRAVE people of integrity working in the system to stand up and speak out against this epidemic. This grave injustice is killing our children and good families. email record4children@gmail.com


  32. sharon says:

    Bunch of lying crooks who want to hurt the kids.close dcs turn charges over to law.if charges wont hold in criminal courts then leave the kids alone


  33. I am dealing with a horrific situation with DCS, too. They failed to investigate my daughter’s father after three different doctors and a detective from a local police dept made a referral regarding sexual abuse. After DCS failed to investigate, the caseworker made false allegations against me (protective mother) claiming that I am mentally unstable. After the caseworker made those false allegations against me, my daughter was illegally removed from me without an order or warrant and was placed with her alleged abuser, the father and this happened while I was court ordered by the judge in Anderson County to keep my daughter away from the father. DCS violated the judge’s order and has never been asked in court by the judge or by anyone as to why they violated such an order, especially after they heard the father “PLEAD THE FIFTH” in court when he (alleged abuser) was asked if he had ever sexually abused his daughter. I have been fighting the system for almost two years by trying to get my innocent daughter out of harms way and returned back to her loving home with her mommy where she belongs. You can find my story on facebook by looking up “Keep Peace With Kem.” This facebook page is a community page. I have experienced first hand how the DCS operates and we have to keep fighting to save our innocent children from anymore abuse by the faulty so called justice system….


  34. sharon says:

    Kem we have meeting in Nashville next monday 1pm.please contact me if you want to attend.This meeting is with Rep Sherry Jones and if any others want to attend to voice issues to protect our children please feel free to contact me Sharon Clark


  35. Anonymous says:

    The same thing was done to me with my two granddaughters.Their step-father was a none child-molester.He molested a 12 yr. old in the late 90’s.My granddaughters real dad’s lawyer F.D. Gibson represented him for that molestation and changed his name for him but they all along with DCS in Tn. made me out to be nosey & crazy.They were molested by him for 5 yrs. till they both ran away on their bikes and appeared at our door.DCS wanted to put them back under that roof with that man.We fought them and their dad,mom,other grandparents,F.D. Gibson,James Snyder the molesters lawyer and our lawyer.Marie Myers


  36. This design is wicked! You definitely know how to keep a
    reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved
    start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I
    really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.

    Too cool!


  37. Gursheel Dhillon says:

    I am leaving for Kenya on Sat but I will include the issues on my case No 33026, from Williamson County.

    1) The Judge engaged in ex-parte communication with the wife’s attorney giving her money from separate property and also intimidating and co-ercing me with incarceration; asking me to come up with $50,000 in three days or he was going to put me in jail. Incarcerated my attorney even though court was over and without a hearing. 2) Refused to recuse himself 3) Gave the ex-wife who was a physician and making $250K a house that belonged to elderly parents who are cancer survivors and paid for the house from savings. In fact had the parents pay off the debt -mortgage on the house. 4)Allowed my ex-wife who is a physician primary custody even when there was evidence she had caused the child to suffer from malnutrition almost to the point of starvation and also overdosed the child with medication. 5) allowed the ex-wife and attorney to commit fraud and perjury and refused to sanction them. 6) the appellate court has denied me access to any meaningful review and even dismissed my appeal which I filed because my ex-wife the appelle filed a motion to dismiss. A rule 3 application is a right of appeal and cannot be denied by the appeals court. 7) The appeals court fails to rule on an appeal where I am the appellee when there is no record or transcript available for review.

    Thanks Gursheel S. Dhillon 112 Plainview Dr Estill Springs, TN.37330


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